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The Americans with Disabilities Act protect disabled individuals from being discriminated against, this includes their right to drive a car. With this protection, the Registry of Motor Vehicles cannot deny a driver’s license to someone, based solely on their disability.

The School of Wheels will provide driver training to you if you have mild medical challenges which include:

• ADHD • PTSD • Anxiety• Cognitive challenges • An IEP • And similar…


Having a disability does not mean that any individual should have his or her freedom to drive restricted. Like

every other driver, individuals with disabilities are entitled to participate in Driver’s Education. If you suffer

from mild cases of the certain disabilities, our professionally trained instructors, who has been specifically trained.

to accommodate your needs, will work diligently with you and design your individualized training plan. You will

learn to drive at your own comfort and pace, while you build your confidence and achieve the competence for the

license and the independence you deserve.

This package includes 10-Hours Behind-the-Wheel of Driving Instruction in our vehicles, that are dual controlled.

to maximize the protection of all occupants.

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